Take all your personal photos with you and relive old memories.


Why Ocapic?

Why is it so fast?
Pictures are optimized. They load faster, reduce your mobile data bill and are good enough to watch them on high-res mobile devices, TVs and laptops.
Ocapic isn't a backup service
It could work in case you don't want to pay $120 a year for a full resolution and RAW backup. If so, there are excellent services such as PictureLife or Carousel from Dropbox.
Privacy and security-focused service
Your photos are uploaded securely using SSL. We can not view your photos, these are encrypted with your password. You can additionally set a passcode.

How it works

Try Ocapic.

Ocapic uploader app available for MacOs and Windows. Ocapic viewer available for iPhone. Android is coming soon.


We're launching! 1-year free promotion for the very first users.